ACM published and copyrighted the definitive print versions of the articles referenced below in a special section on the CS Principles and CS 10k projects that appeared in the ACM Inroads magazine [Vol. 3, No. 2, (June 2012)].  The links below refer to the author’s pre-print versions of these articles. They are posted here with the permission of ACM. You may download these articles for your personal use; however, you may not redistribute them.

Amy Briggs, Middlebury College: 
Jan Cuny, NSF: 
Joanna Goode, University of Oregon:
Rich Kick, Newbury Park High School: 
CS Principles at Newbury Park High School
Tiffany Barnes, UNC Charlotte:
Jody Paul, Metropolitan State College of Denver: 
Beth Simon, UC San Diego:
AP CS Principles Pilot at University of California, San Diego
How to Implement a Peer Instruction-Designed CS Principles Course

Chris Stephenson, CSTA and Cameron WIlson, ACM:
Reforming K-12 Computer Science Education … What Will Your Story Be?


Talks and presentations relating to CS Principles and CS 10k:


        CE 21 Meeting, Orlando FL: Creating opportunities for everyone to explore computer science principles


CS Principles and the CS 10K Initiative: Thinking Big and Driving Forward for the Future. Grace Hopper Celebration of Women in Computer. Amy Briggs, Rebecca Dovi, Joanna Goode, Brook Osborne, Don Yanek 

A New AP Course-- CS Principles: AP Annual Conference. (Performance Task Overview)
Brook Osborne, Owen Astrachan, Amy Briggs

Performance Tasks in CS Principles
. CSTA Annual Conference. Brook Osborne, Baker Franke, Rebecca Dovi, Rich Kick

Abstraction in CS Principles
. Reboot, Renew, REThink. Owen Astrachan 

CS Principles: a new Advanced Placement course
. Reboot, Renew, REThink. 
Owen Astrachan, Brook Osborne

CS Principles: a new Advanced Placement course
. SRI Advisory Board.
Owen Astrachan, Brook Osborne

Computer Science Principles: for the win
. CE21 Maryland Summit. Pat Yongpradit, Brook Osborne

CS Principles: development and evolution of a course and a community
. SIGCSE 2013. Owen Astrachan, Amy Briggs, Lien Diaz, Brook Osborne

CS Principles
. TCEA 2013.
Owen Astrachan

CS Principles: status report
. CE21 meeting.
 Owen Astrachan, Amy Briggs, Lien Diaz, Brook Osborne

CS Principles workshop
. Georgia Tech. Deepa Muralidhar


          Broadening Participation: ECS and CS Principles. CS&IT 2012. Owen Astrachan, Gail Chapman, and Brook Osborne.

Piloting CS Principles: A First Hand Experience by K-12 Teachers.  CS& IT 2012. Ann Drobnis, Rebecca Dovi, Rich Kick, Deepa Muralidhar, Baker Franke.

(AP)CS Principles. CE21 meeting. Owen Astrachan.

What is Computational Thinking? CE21 meeting. Owen Astrachan.

(AP)CS Principles. AP Annual Conference. Owen Astrachan. 


University of Washington's Pilot. SIGCSE 2011. Larry Snyder.

The CS10K Project: Mobilizing the Community to Transform High School Computing. SIGCSE 2011. Owen Astrachan, Jan Cuny, Chris Stephenson, Cameron Wilson. 

AP CS Principles. SIGCSE 2011. Owen Astrachan, Jody Paul, Beth Simon, Dan Garcia, Larry Snyder, Tiffany Barnes. 

(AP)CS Principles.  ACM Ed. Owen Astrachan. 

APCS Principles. Snowbrid. Owen Astrachan

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