CS In the News
Check out these articles featuring Computer Science. Topics range from the need for reform in the field to the diverse and creative ways people are leveraging the power of computing: 

TIME. MOOC Brigade: Will Massive, Open Online Courses Revolutionize Higher Education? On the plus side, MOOCs are free, open to anyone and taught by professors at prestigious universities. On the downside, they have low completion rates, and critics questions the utility of students being graded by their peers. 9.4.2012

The New York Times. Universities Reshaping Education on the Web. 7.17.2012

Time. Can We Fix Computer Science Education in America? The tech industry is one of the few bright spots in a dim economy. So why aren't we teaching kids the skills they need to participate in it?  7.16.2012.

The Atlantic. Sorry, Young Man, You're Not the Most Important Demographic in Tech: Despite companies' hamfisted, male-focused marketing efforts, women are the dominant users of a wide variety of new technologies. 7.8.2012.

The New York TimesComputer Science for the Rest of Us:  Reading, writing and — refactoring code? 3.31.2012

Scientific American.  Foldit Gamers Solve Riddle of HIV Enzyme within 3 Weeks: The online game poses protein-folding puzzles, and participants provided insights recently that solved the structure of an enzyme involved in reproduction of HIV. 9.20.2011.