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University of Pennsylvania

Professor Jean Griffin's course provides a gentle introduction to computing for the student who is not an engineering major.  A variety of real-world technologies are explored from a software designer's (rather than a consumer's or user's) point of view.  Students will learn a variety of computing principles that are employed in the creation of mobile apps, computer games, web pages, and special effects. In the process, several big ideas of computer science are demystified including the nature of digital data, programming, algorithms, and abstraction. Students hone design skills through the creation of computational artifacts (e.g. artwork, apps, games) and improve problem solving skills through the analysis of the logical and linguistic aspects of programming. Students develop teamwork skills through group projects and leadership skills via the service learning component of the course which involves mentoring local K-12 students for a portion of the semester. Upon completion of the course, students will be conversant with terms used by professional software developers and prepared either to learn additional computational technologies on their own or to take CIS110 (or CIS120 if seeking a challenge).  

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