Now recruiting teachers for the next phase of the CS Principles projects, includes three years of piloting

The College Board’s AP Program and the CS Principles (CSP) project team invite you to complete an institutional survey as part of recruitment efforts for the next phase of course and exam development. The information you provide will be reviewed by a search committee to help with the final selection of 50 institutions (roughly 40 high schools; 10 colleges/universities). This cohort of pilot schools will continue piloting the course under the auspices of the College Board for the next three years. That is, we expect selected pilot schools to begin piloting the course next academic school year (2013-14) and continue piloting the course until the end of academic school year 2015-16. The AP CS Principles course is scheduled to launch in the fall of 2016, with the first AP exam administration in May 2017.


To complete the survey go to: Complete the AP CS Principles Pilot Institutional Survey, you must also upload a syllabus as part of your application.

If you plan to apply, please let us know by filling out this very short form (, where we ask that you give your name and email address. Completing this form is in no way binding, the project staff requests this information simply for planning purposes.

The deadline to complete the survey and upload the syllabus is Sunday, April 21.


The following is some information that will be collected in the institutional survey for your consideration:

1.       School characteristics (including the AI school code for high schools, DI code for post secondary schools, type of institution and number of students enrolled)

2.       Information about the computer science program at your school (number of CS teachers, number of CS courses offered, number of sections per course)

3.        Recruiting plans (a qualitative description of your goals for the next three years, a selection of potential strategies, and the numbers of different types of students in your ideally diversified classroom). Be prepared to provide the number of          students you expect to recruit in your CS Principles course categorized as female, American Indian/Alaskan Native, Black or African American, Hispanic or Latino, and mixed ethnicity.

4.       Individual information (a description of your teaching experiences with implementing portfolio or project-based assessments) and a CS Principles course syllabus.

 Please note that you must submit a course syllabus (in PDF format), preferably with mappings to the learning objectives in the CSP Curriculum Framework or a description of how the syllabus reflects the CSP Computational Thinking Practices and Big Ideas. More information about the CSP Curriculum Framework can be found at or

Go to and upload a PDF version of your CS Principles course syllabus.

·         To assist with matching your survey information to your syllabus, be sure to include the following information in your syllabus:

o The same name and email address you will use in the survey

o School name, address, and phone number

·         The PDF file name should include your last name and school name (e.g., Diaz_CBUniversity.pdf) this will also be done automatically.


All selected pilot instructors will be asked to attend a professional development meeting on July 17-20, in Las Vegas, NV. Funding will be provided to attend this meeting.
More information is available now at and If you have any questions, please contact Lien Diaz at or send email to, Thanks so much for your continued support and advocacy for this course.

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